SEW-Eurodrive on the importance of the Prospect Awards

Coal from Australian mines powers the lives of millions across the country each day, and SEW-Eurodrive is pledging its support across all facets of the nation’s coal industry.

With Australian Mining’s Prospect Awards just a couple of months away in October, many of the industry’s elite innovators are finalising their submissions for this year’s show.

Despite setbacks this year due to COVID-19, Australia’s mining industry hasn’t stopped – and the 2020 Prospect Awards will be commending its standout contributors.

Long-time award sponsor SEW-Eurodrive has returned in 2020 to sponsor the Coal Mine of the Year Award, which recognises a site that sets the standard for the rest of the industry to follow.

SEW-Eurodrive is a German company that offers a wide range of motors, gear units, automation technology and more for multiple industries across the globe. It has been a proud sponsor of the Coal Mine of the Year Award since 2013.

In 2019, Glencore’s Mangoola coal handling preparation plant in New South Wales was recognised as Coal Mine of the Year at the Prospect Awards. “SEW-Eurodrive takes great pride in sponsoring the Coal Mine of the Year Award,” SEW-Eurodrive national service manager for industrial gearboxes Daniele Dallari tells Australian Mining.

“This award acknowledges the nominees who demonstrated the highest level of productivity, efficiency and safety.”

For Dallari, the awards provide an opportunity to showcase the capabilities of the industry.

He says the company regards the Prospect Awards as a key event to celebrate the workers and the innovators that strive every day for the success of the Australian mining industry.

“The awards have also raised awareness to the general public on the importance that the resources industry plays on the Australian economy and people’s livelihoods. That’s why we think it’s important,” Dallari says.

“I participated in the 2015 Prospect Awards where it was Anglo American’s Moranbah North mine that won. It was an award for the progress made in improving their operations in terms of productivity and safety.”

While SEW-Eurodrive provides gearboxes and electric motors for a variety of industries, such as food & beverage, logistic and agriculture, mining remains its primary focus in Australia.

“We are a key supplier to many industries providing gearboxes and electric motors for a range of applications from conveyors, pumps, mixers and much more,” Dallari says. “The main applications that we would supply for mining.”

With the industry shifting focus towards more technologically advanced, automated solutions at its mine sites, SEW-Eurodrive is staying ahead of the curve. The company continues to introduce innovative products, such as the MOVI-C modular automation system, which combines software or hardware into a single package.

Dallari says new technologies are also being welcomed by Australia’s coal industry and the mining industry at large. “Technology has changed the way coal mines operate and no doubt it will continue to do so in the future,” he explains. “There is a big focus on predictive maintenance to increase reliability and efficiency in the mining sector. And at SEW-Eurodrive we believe the best way to improve reliability and efficiency is by providing a quality product equipped with state-of-the-art gear technology that abides by the strictest quality standards.”

SEW-Eurodrive also works alongside mine operators to understand what the industry is demanding and how their needs are changing. “The mines are asking for assurance that the unit is fit for purpose and ready for reliable operations and the ones that have been working with us and using our full load test capabilities are certainly starting to specify Load Testing as a requirement for their jobs,” Dallari says.

Through the company’s 89 years of operations, SEW-Eurodrive’s commitment to German quality and design has remained, as it expands its operation to local assembly and service centres.

Multiple SEW-Eurodrive local branches are located across Australia to ensure faster delivery of major components. “We offer German quality and design and we support it locally with the widest stockholding of drives and components in Australia and a nationwide network of assembly and service local branches,” Dallari says.

“We understand that time is money so many units are delivered in a matter of weeks or sometimes days to support Australian industry at large.”

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